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Black Belt Negotiating

Black Belt Negotiating

We Americans tend to be rather poor negotiators compared to people in Mexico, China and the Middle East. We walk into stores and pay whatever is asked. In other countries they would never consider doing such a crazy thing! People from negotiating cultures never pay full price for anything. Learn the secrets of how to haggle efficiently and effectively to save yourself and your company tens of thousands of dollars.

Ask yourself if knowing the following would save your money:

  • How to tell buyers your price is firm in a way they understand.

  • Getting buyers to raise their price without saying a word.

  • Finding out what is really the “bottom line”.

  • How culture impacts the bargaining process.

  • Why “win-win” can cost you big bucks.

  • Practicing your negotiating skills without risk.

  • Breaking impasses.

  • Stopping “nibbling” on seemingly small items.

  • How every part of the company is impacted by negotiating.

  • Gaining leverage in bargaining.

  • Staying emotionally uninvolved in the transaction.

  • Dealing with ultimatums.

  • Why some try to renegotiate contracts after they’ve been signed.

  • Avoiding the three biggest mistakes in negotiating.

  • Keeping buyers from reaching into your pocket

Target Audience

Uniquely designed for people who must negotiate with multicultural customers and suppliers.

Program Format

  • From a 60-minute keynote to a 6-hour interactive workshop to consulting. 

  • Customized to meet the unique needs of your company and its customers.

About the Presenter

Michael Soon Lee, DBA, CSP

Michael Soon Lee, MBA, is both a multicultural and marketing expert. He has written numerous books and articles on the subject over the past ten years. Mr. Lee has been a marketing director for the State of California and a producer for the ABC Television Network. He presents marketing programs at national conventions and on satellite television. Michael's multicultural programs are well-known throughout the country for being fact-filled as well as fun.

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