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EthnoConnect® provides seminars, training, consulting and coaching on how to sell more products and services to the multicultural market in America.

Multicultural Diversity & Awareness Video

Can you spot the forty cultural mistakes made in this video?

Multicultural Mistake Answers Video

Watch an 18-minute video explaining of all of the forty cultural mistakes made in this clip 

Questions to Prepare for Interviewing Michael Soon Lee

In preparing for an interview with Michael Soon Lee, we have prepared 13 questions that will help you reveal EthnoConnect®'s mission to make the public more multi culturally aware of its diverse population.

Ten Myths About Multicultural Customers

Minorities in American spend over $2 trillion a year on products and services. People from diverse cultures are already one-third of the population and are the fastest-growing consumer group in the country. This is a huge market for retailers and service providers all across the country-- if you know how to meet the unique needs of customers and clients from the Hispanic, African American, Asian, Middle Eastern other cultures.

Article Library

EthnoConnect® has made Michael Soon Lee's articles on multicultural diversity and awareness subject matters available online as a resource to you at no cost.

Speaking of Diversity Blog

Read posts from Michael and other guest authors on a variety key-topics involving current events, trends and continue discussions on multicultural diversity and awareness in our society today. 

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