Multicultural Customer Interview Questions

In preparing for an interview with Michael Soon Lee, we have prepared 13 questions that will help you reveal EthnoConnect®'s mission to make the public more multi culturally aware of it's diverse population.

  1. Why should salespeople be concerned about multicultural customers?
  2. How are minority customers different from Anglo customers?
  3. What’s the proper way to greet a multicultural customer?
  4. Why do some cultures negotiate so much?
  5. How can you counteract their tendency to bargain?
  6. Who do American contracts seem so foreign to some groups?
  7. How can salespeople detect buying signs when customers display no body language?
  8. How can salespeople get referrals from multicultural customers?
  9. Why do some new immigrants sometimes pretend not to speak English when a salesperson knows they do?
  10. How can salespeople know specifically what culture a customer is from?
  11. Should salespeople be concerned about a customer’s culture or just treat them like everybody else?
  12. What resources are available if salespeople want to learn more about how culture impacts my business?
  13. What other front-line staff are impacted by multicultural customers?