Devi Gursahaney

Multicultural Expert Devi Gursahaney“Devi” (Devyani) Gursahaney provides human resources training and consulting in India and the U.S. Her unique approach to organizational development and staff training combine a cross-cultural perspective with a strong commitment to introducing compassion in the workplace.

She has worked with corporations, universities, associations, non-profit agencies, and religious institutions. She has presented at international conferences and has facilitated diverse groups with creative activities to resolve conflicts, manage cross-cultural communication, celebrate diversity and renew spirit.

With one Masters degree in Social Work and another in Organizational Development, she incorporates a multi-disciplinary and creative approach with "Eastern Flare" into her training sessions.

Fluent in Gujarati, Hindi and English, her transnational experiences guide her understanding of the global challenges and opportunities organizations and communities face today.